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Things to Know:

What We Do for You?

•    Understand your needs and expectations through an initial consultation.


​•    Help you find the right financing. (Securing your financing puts you in a stronger negotiating position when the time comes)


•    Estimate your closing expenses.

•    Guide you through the home search process & develop your home search plan.

•    Assist you with the Metrotex database of homes and home communities.

•    Set up a website for you that contains up-to-date listings of homes that meet your criteria.

•    Accompany you while viewing homes of interest.


•    Find your dream home.

•    Negotiate advantageous pricing and terms for you by representing your best interests and consulting with you regarding all negotiations.


•    Negotiate seller paid repairs and improvements.

•    Explain all documents, including any government required papers and disclosures.

•    Guide you through the entire closing process.

•    Help you obtain lender financing approval.

•    Accompany you when signing the closing documents.

•    Obtain your house keys and give you your rebate at closing.

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