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Marketing strategies for vacant lot and acreage

What do We do for You?

Market Analysis

We’d like to offer you a complimentary market analysis of your home’s value along with an accurate estimate of total your closing costs, so you’ll know exactly how much money you can expect to net from the sale. If you’re interested in the analysis, simply input your property data below and we’ll send you a detailed report within 24 hours. Our initial evaluation is based on the comparison of your property to similar active, pending & sold listings.  

Helping you to determine the asking price

Pricing is the most important step when selling your house. Home staging and marketing area also important. But your success (or failure) will mostly come down to the price. This is also where a lot of homeowners make mistakes.

You live in your home, so you have an emotional attachment to it. But you're also trying to sell it, so you need to view it like a product at the same time. As an experienced real estate listing agent, we will help you separate your emotions from the realities of the housing market. We will use comparable sales to determine the asking price. More than anything else, this is what determines the true market value of a home.

DallasPro - Virtual Land

Helping you identify the key selling points

Buyers will spot some of the good points in your house. They will notice the size, the location, and the general layout of the home. But it certainly doesn't hurt to point some things out for them -- especially when those features might be missed at first glance.

We will help you identify these selling points. We also promote them to potential buyers.

For example, let's say you're selling a house that is pre-wired for surround sound. This is a nice benefit. But it might not be apparent to someone who is just walking through the home. So you would definitely want to point out this feature to potential buyers. Your listing agent should make a list of such selling points (the seen and the unseen) and present it to everyone who visits your home.

You can include selling points on the MLS listing, on, etc. I recommend going a step further and having a list of features on paper, available to people as soon as they walk in the front door. That way, they can notice the features while they are on site. This is one of core responsibilities of a real estate listing agent.


Giving you a property disclosure form

This item varies from state to state. Depending on where you live, you may be obligated to make certain disclosures to potential buyers. For instance, you might have to disclose the age of the roof, the type of heating and cooling system you have, and other items relating to the condition of your property. We should know about your state's requirements, and we will provide you with the proper form(s) to fill out.

The Most Innovative Marketing Strategies in DFW: 

AATRealty luxury marketing package would be included in all of our listings regardless of the price!

Aerial Photography


Sometimes we just need a different perspective or a pretty view of a site. By drone, we will fly up to 600 feet.  This altitude allows gorgeous views of smaller subjects, as well as the ability to see many of the areas around it. We would like to photograph all the amenities in the neighborhood by a drone! Drones allow us to be closer to the subject and is a completely different look than what you can get by plane.



Aerial photography would be included in all of our listings regardless of the price!

06-DallasPro -.jpg

Drone Mapping

Acreage only. This is the only way that 3 plus acres lot can be seen in one image! 100 plus aerial images will be merged to be able to create an high resolution aerial map for a 10 acres lot! Drone mapping can solve that clarity issue.

A highly detailed aerial map allows for insight into the property details without requiring a client to be there in person. And with the help of a licensed land surveyor, contour lines and accurate borders can even be overlaid onto the imagery.


Aerial Videography 

The perfect way to refresh & showcase our listings. Highlight on the property’s location, amenities, best features and more with a professional video that stays engaging & upbeat.  Aerial videography would be included in all of our listings regardless of the price!


Virtual Land Development 

Vacant lot and acreage. We will help the potential buyers of your land see all the possibilities.  AATRealty  can help them conceptualize, envision, and build the home of their dreams.  This way you can sell your property much faster with higher price!

DallasPro - Virtual Land
DallasPro - Virtual Land Development_-2.
DallasPro -00001-2.jpg

Custom Property Website


Our website developers create a custom property website for your listing which features all your images, slide show gallery, videos, 3D virtual tours, interactive floor plan, open houses , mobile ready, property details, marketing analysis, maps & your property's own domain name. We then optimize your property website's online visibility by publishing it in high traffic real estate search engines such as, Zillow, Yahoo! Real Estate & more.

See a Sample 

You will get a High Quality For Sale Sign.

 We install a high quality full-size for sale sign & a flyer box at your listing. Then we strategically place directional arrows around the property to attract potential buyers & brokers passing by your listing.


Internet Marketing
We know over 85% of real estate transactions starting online these days. We have an effective web presence and we know which online marketing techniques are the best for your property. We will use the most effective marketing tools to place your property in front of thousands of potential buyers and We will place your home all over the internet.

Open House 
Soon after your home is listed, I will hold it open for all agents and potential buyers. In addition to creating broker interest in your property, this will also reduce the number of agents who come days later to preview your home. Refreshments may be served or a cash drawing offered to increase attendance.

Presenting offers from buyers

We are also responsible for accepting offers from potential buyers and presenting those offers to the seller. More importantly, we will help you put the offer into perspective.

The buyer's offer might include the following components:

  • The exact amount they are offering for your house

  • The amount of earnest money they are paying

  • The desired closing/settlement date.

  • Any contingencies requested by the buyer (like a home inspection contingency)

we will explain each of these items. We will help you determine if the offer price is reasonable, based on the current market value of your home. At this stage, you need to remember that it's called an "asking price" for a reason. Be flexible and realistic. You don't want to lose a qualified buyer just because they're offering a little less than your asking price.

We will put these things into perspective for you, to help you make an informed and logical decision. This is where their experience becomes invaluable.

Negotiating with buyers on your behalf

This is a key responsibility for us. When a buyer presents an offer, you basically have three choices:

  • You can accept the offer, as presented.

  • You can reject the offer with no counter.

  • You can make a counteroffer.

We will communicate your decision to the buyers, through their agent. If you've made a counteroffer back to the buyers, they have the same three choices mentioned above. They can accept your counter, make another counteroffer, or reject it and walk away from the deal.

We will explain why you have made a certain counteroffer. Maybe your home has certain unique features that add value, above and beyond the comparable sales in the area. Maybe the buyers made an offer that was much lower than those comps. Either way, your real estate agent should be communicating the reasons for your decision. It's one of their core responsibilities.

Attending the closing/settlement process

Closing/settlement is the final step in the home-buying process. This is when ownership of the property is officially transferred from the seller to the buyer. In the eastern part of the U.S., it is usually referred to as "settlement." In the western part of the country, it's usually called "closing."

In AAT Realty the sellers' real estate agents typically attend closing with their clients.

Thanks for your order!

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